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The Arnold Circus Stool Book

The Arnold Circus Stool Book

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The story of a stool, from its origin as a necessary furniture to repopulate a disused park in East London to becoming a ubiquitous sight in international art centres and people's homes in New Zealand or Korea.

Martino Gamper's Arnold Circus Stool accompanies its creator and the friends around him on a decade of local going global in colourful fashion.

Author / Editor: Martino Gamper & Åbäke
With texts by Cornelia Parker, Robin Hatton-Gore, Anna Salaman, Alex Klein, Michael Marriott amongst others.
First Published: 2022
Price: £10
ISBN: 978-1-907908-65-1
First Edition: 3500 copies
Pages: 96
Width: 115 mm 

Height: 165 mm
Weight: 120 gram
Cover: Soft
Language: English

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